Products for Passive Income

Passive Income Generator 

Coaching program designed to take new investors and 9-5'ers from little or no real estate knowledge through their first few passive income-generating properties - with low or no money down.

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Freedom Inner Circle

Membership program providing weekly coaching calls with Blake and a small group of students. 

Designed to help students get practical answers to practical questions.

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Private Client

1x1 coaching with custom development plan for new investors and 9-5ers. Includes access to context from all other products. 

By arrangement only.

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Jarrett F.

"Blake’s system is incredibly effective for making your regular, joe-schmoe person able to assess whether a deal is good or not. The system is great.

Brian Ellwood

“Blake approaches coaching from an authentic and genuine place of service. He is doing things that hardly anyone is doing in the coaching space. I cannot recommend anyone better than Blake. His client results are through the roof."

- Brian Ellwood, The Aligned Coach 

Coleman R.

“I knew nothing about real estate investing before joining Blake’s coaching program. I got my first property within 90 days and it cashflows $433/mo after all expenses. I just closed on another property yesterday and am about to have 3 properties within 5 months since joining Blake’s program!”

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