Want to Invest in Real Estate but don’t know where to start?

Start and scale your passive income using real estate — even if you live in an expensive market, or don’t have much time or money.  

Get Coached by Blake

Learn how to invest even if you live in an expensive market.

What if there were an air-tight process for investing in remote markets before it becomes the next Austin or Nashville?

Achieve monthly passive income and significant appreciation while someone else pays down your principal.

Learn how to invest with almost no money.

20% down is too expensive to scale, but flipping is just another job.

What if you could synthesize those principals to get a cash-flowing rental with $20,000 in equity for no or low money down?

Learn how to get started step by step. 

You could buy a ridiculously expensive program only to get impersonal, pre-recorded videos with no one to ask the real, practical questions. 

What if you could have someone walk you through the process step by step? What if you could avoid the risk and uncertainty of going alone? What if you had access to them at any time without costing an arm and a leg?

“I knew nothing about real estate investing before joining Blake’s coaching program. I got my first property within 90 days and it cashflows $433/mo after all expenses. I just closed on another property yesterday and am about to have 3 properties within 5 months since joining Blake’s program!”

—Coleman R. 

“I debated for a long time on purchasing courses, was afraid of scams, but am thankful I waited and found yours. Not only your real estate knowledge, but your support and motivation is appreciated!”
— Stewart F.

"Blake takes a genuine interest in those who ask him for help, and he’s considerate in his approach. I truly appreciate guidance and with his advice, I just closed on my first investment property!"

—Hannah Z.

“Blake’s system teaches you the “big four” numbers you need to know for a deal and they give you a clear understanding of the property’s performance so you are not making a decision [on a property] in the dark. Good deals make good investors - it’s what keeps investors from being purely lucky. Blake’s system is incredibly effective for making your regular, joe-schmoe person able to assess whether a deal is good or not. The system is great.”

—Jarrett F.

“Blake has been incredibly helpful to me in REI. Not only has he practically helped me with weekly goals, he has held me accountable to accomplishing them. From motivating and creative problem solving, to helping me understand my next steps, Blake has steered me in the direction of productivity and helped me to understand how to best use my time and resources.”

—Austin F.

“Blake approaches coaching from an authentic and genuine place of service. He is doing things that hardly anyone is doing in the coaching space. I cannot recommend anyone better than Blake. His client results are through the roof."  

—Brian Ellwood, The Aligned Coach

I help working professionals buy their first cashflowing property in 90 days

If you’re a new investor, you can learn how to build an automated, cash-flowing rental portfolio so you can spend your time and efforts on your true passions.


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