What is Financial Independence?

What is Financial Independence? 

There is a stark difference between those who focus on Financial Independence (FI) and those that don't. This difference isn't in lifestyle, income, possessions, or career, but rather a difference in their priorities. Those who have achieved FI (or those working toward it) have one distinct difference in their priorities from those who are not focused on FI:  

Their #1 Priority is FREEDOM

Freedom is the ability to do what you want, where you want, when you want, how you want, with whom you want. Those who value Financial Independence care about Freedom more than money and security. They know that Freedom will allow them to do what they were made to do, using their strengths, gifts, and interests in a way that is unique only to them. For some, that's starting a business or nonprofit that will impact the world, for others that's spending more time with their family and being the parent they never had, and for still others it's traveling the world to see, experience, and enjoy the cultures across the globe. 

The purpose for a Freedom focus is different for everyone.

But in order to be able to focus on something and make it a priority, one must know what 'something' it is. What is Financial Independence? How can one tell if they have 'achieved' it? 

Financial Independence:

The point at which ones Passive Income exceeds their expenses. 

Being Financially Independent means you are free from the snares that many people get trapped in unknowingly, only to be fooled into believing that there's not a way out. Once you're Financially Independent means you don't have to worry about:

  • A paycheck
  • Being trapped in a job you hate
  • Not getting paid enough
  • Being told what to do
  • Not being at the kids' soccer games
  • Not living up to your full potential 

Think it's impossible? Think again. There are thousands of people, normal people just like you, that are getting out of the rat race and achieving financial independence TODAY by making one main shift in their life: focusing on Freedom as their top priority. 

Shift Your Focus to Freedom as Top Priority

You can't just fall into FI. It doesn't happen by accident. It's not something that shows up one day unannounced. FI is something worked for, prioritized, and focused on diligently with consistency and determination. 

If you were Financially Independent (and didn't have to worry about money coming in monthly to pay the bills) how would you spend your time? 

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