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How to Rewire Your Brain

The Problem

How do you typically respond when you face a challenge? People are quick to say "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" or "it’s your responsibility" but you feel trapped - like a victim of every circumstance. Anytime something difficult happens, most people are quick to blame someone or something else - wallowing in the discouragement of the world being against them - giving up any sliver of hope to overcome the challenge. You might recognize yourself doing this.


The problem? You don’t know how to change it. 


How do you change those habits? How do you grow into a new person with a new mindset? It seems daunting and impossible, but there IS a solution. 


The solution: Cultivate Gratitude. 


Needed: A New Mindset


To Cultivate Gratitude is to create a default position of gratitude. Instead of being a victim, blaming others, blaming situations, and giving up, instead you begin to take more...

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