The Most Important Book to Read This Year

The Most Influential Book on Financial Freedom

If you ask all the financially independent people you know which book had the most significant impact on their financial life, a vast majority of them would respond with the exact same book: 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad  
by Robert Kiyosaki

Why is one book so highly lauded while others barely muster a whisper? Why is one book bearing a worn out binding and pen-marked pages while others collect dust for years and years on the shelf? What makes it special?
  • Financial education they won't teach you in school 
  • How money actually works
  • How (and why) 'working hard' by itself won't lead to success

Most of us didn't have the luxury of growing up learning from someone who was financially free. In his book, Kiyosaki provides us with tips from the financial insiders that teach us the tricks of the trade. What separates the middle class and the upper class? What one major thing do rich people do differently than poor people? Kiyosaki answers these questions along with many more, putting his readers on the inside track to financial freedom and generational wealth. Best of all?

It's financial education that doesn't bore you into tearing your eyes out. 

Already read it? Read it again! If it's been more than 12 months, you should read it again. Not only is it an easy, engaging read - it also reads very well as an audiobook. You can find the book at Amazon or on Audible for the physical and audio books. 

This book will transform your understanding of money, wealth, and financial freedom. The principles described and outlined are life-changing and will help you move more rapidly towards your financial and lifestyle goals. 

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