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The Secret Tool for Offsetting Taxes

Tax hedging is one of my favorite benefits of real estate investing.

Wouldn't you like to make income monthly without paying taxes on it?

I'll do you one better...

What if you could even keep your W2/1099 income from being taxed?!!?!

But this secret doesn't just work for the cashflow investor.

Even if you've bought an appreciation-oriented property you can use it!   

Learn what it is and how it works!


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Risks of Raising Rent

How much are you raising rent year on year with your properties? Are you afraid you might lose your tenant after raising rent? Are you wondering what percentage and when is appropriate year on year to raise rent?

Join me as I talk about the key things to consider before raising rent and the best process to follow for raising rent!

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The Most Important Book to Read This Year

The Most Influential Book on Financial Freedom

If you ask all the financially independent people you know which book had the most significant impact on their financial life, a vast majority of them would respond with the exact same book: 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad  
by Robert Kiyosaki

Why is one book so highly lauded while others barely muster a whisper? Why is one book bearing a worn out binding and pen-marked pages while others collect dust for years and years on the shelf? What makes it special?
  • Financial education they won't teach you in school 
  • How money actually works
  • How (and why) 'working hard' by itself won't lead to success

Most of us didn't have the luxury of growing up learning from someone who was financially free. In his book, Kiyosaki provides us with tips from the financial insiders that teach us the tricks of the trade. What separates the middle class and the upper class? What one major thing do rich people do differently...

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2021 Top Cashflow Markets

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While the other reports boast of appreciating home prices and median property prices of seven figures, this report focuses exclusively on cashflow markets. Let's get real, if any list includes Austin, Portland, NYC, or San Francisco, it's not a report for cashflow. This report is the passive income investor's dream.
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