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Risks of Raising Rent

How much are you raising rent year on year with your properties? Are you afraid you might lose your tenant after raising rent? Are you wondering what percentage and when is appropriate year on year to raise rent?

Join me as I talk about the key things to consider before raising rent and the best process to follow for raising rent!

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Should you protest property taxes?

Have you received your tax appraisals and noticed that appraisals have sky rocketed? Are you worried that your escrow has gone up and can affect your cashflow?

The question going through your mind is how do I deal with this? Is there any recourse that I have?

Good news is Yes! Watch my video as I breakdown how to go about protesting property taxes!

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How Should I Finance My First Real Estate Deal So That I Can Keep Scaling?

Making the decision to purchase your first real estate investment is a huge step. But what if your goal is to build a portfolio of real estate investments as opposed to the one investment?

How does one wade through the many options of funding and settle on one that does not sour the ability to pursue additional deals if they become available relatively soon after the first one?

In this webinar I share tips on how you should finance your first real estate deal so that you can keep scaling!


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What Should You Expect At Closing

What should you expect from a first closing? What do you need to be prepared for? Do you need to be there physically or can you close remotely? What documentation do you need and how much time do you need?

These are some of the questions that run through your mind as you look at closing a property. Join me as I breakdown what documentation you need to have and how much time you will need to close on a property!


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What Appliances Should I Put in My Rental?

Okay, okay, okay. You should have an HVAC system. And you should provide a stove/oven. But should you include a microwave? What about a dishwasher? Or a washer/dryer?

Each one costs you more money, but which ones will create inherent risks that will cost you MORE money? And what are the ways you'd end up losing that money?

So what appliances should the landlord provide? Who fixes them? If they break down does the landlord have to replace them? Can the tenant bring their own appliances?


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What if it doesn't rent? When should I sell?

You bought a BRRRR property. It's been a headache and is draining your motivation (not to mention your bank account). On top of all that, it's not renting.

What do you do?

At what point should you just hit the 'eject' button and just sell? 

Join me as I talk through ways to get your property rented fast and how to evaluate when to put a property on the market to sell!

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How long should closing take?

It's your first time closing on an investment property. Not only that, but it needs renovation work, exists in a remote market where you don't live, and you don't want to drive (or worse ... fly) to closing.

What are your options? And what should you expect?

Learn what to expect at your first closing - join me!


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What is Delayed Financing?

When making an offer in a hot market you have to move fast - but sometimes 'fast' means 'too fast for my lender to make closing'.

What do you do? How can you snag the deal without leaving ALL of your cash in the property?

Join to learn how to close on a property even if your lender can't make closing!

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Turnkey: What return should I target?

You can use a BUNCH of metrics to help analyze the potential profitability of a rental property - ROI, IRR, Cap Rate, Rent Multipliers, ...*drones on and on*...

Which one is best? What metric is MOST valuable when calculating your return for a Turnkey purchase? You'd need something that takes into account your initial investment and what you're going to make back, but that could be a thousand different options. On top of that, once you decide on the metric to use, what value of that metric should you aim for?

Join me as I tell you the answer!


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What's The Best Foundation Type


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What are the main types of foundations? What advantages do they have? Should cracks worry me? How does the type of foundation factor in my acquisition strategy and decision?

These fundamental questions are discussed in this segment. Come discover how the type and state of a foundation may be an opportunity in disguise.
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