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How to Make Deal Analysis EASY

For most people who are interested in flipping houses – the practice of buying a house in need of some TLC, fixing it up, and selling it – it makes sense to analyze every last dollar involved in the deal.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do that.

As an investor your goal is to know what your RETURN will be BEFORE you buy!

Watch this video as I show you how to do it!

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Turnkey: What return should I target?

You can use a BUNCH of metrics to help analyze the potential profitability of a rental property - ROI, IRR, Cap Rate, Rent Multipliers, ...*drones on and on*...

Which one is best? What metric is MOST valuable when calculating your return for a Turnkey purchase? You'd need something that takes into account your initial investment and what you're going to make back, but that could be a thousand different options. On top of that, once you decide on the metric to use, what value of that metric should you aim for?

Join me as I tell you the answer!


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How to Buy a House for $0

"How Can I Buy a House for $0??"

I get asked this question frequently - and yet - I don't get asked this question nearly enough. Most people assume that to be a real estate investor, you have to start with lots of money. The good news:  

You don't have to be wealthy to invest in real estate.

You can invest in real estate even if weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth. How, you ask? Here are the 6 steps to buying a house with $0.

Normally you'd need 20% down to buy an investment property. But at some point that model doesn't scale. Even if you're in a market with properties at a median price of $100,000 you would still have to come to closing with $20,000 + Closing Costs. It's far too much to build a portfolio that allows you to reach financial independence. Where do you start?

Step 1: Buy a Cheap House

Buy a distressed property that needs some work. You don't want a property that's pretty, you want a property with potential. These...
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