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Turnkey: What return should I target?

You can use a BUNCH of metrics to help analyze the potential profitability of a rental property - ROI, IRR, Cap Rate, Rent Multipliers, ...*drones on and on*...

Which one is best? What metric is MOST valuable when calculating your return for a Turnkey purchase? You'd need something that takes into account your initial investment and what you're going to make back, but that could be a thousand different options. On top of that, once you decide on the metric to use, what value of that metric should you aim for?

Join me as I tell you the answer!


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Turnkey: How much rehab should I expect?

If you're BRRRR'ing a property you always have renovation work - but what if you're buying Turnkey? You've got the extra capital to invest and want to trade that for less work up front - so how much rehab should you expect on a Turnkey purchase?

Join me to get the answer!

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The Fed Raises Rates - What it Means for BRRRR Investors


Big News was released...

Did you see the big news from the Fed that was released recently? Learn more about what was communicated and how it affects US as 'low or no money down investors' from my latest video

Don't stop - NOW is the time to accelerate.

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Creative Solutions To DTI Problems

We have to talk about it - one of the biggest misconceptions new investors have about funding their first (or next) property. Can you still get a loan if your Debt-to-Income ratio (DTI) is too high? What if you're self-employed or 1009'd? Do you HAVE to have a W2 to get a loan?  

In this video, I discuss the two major types of loans and how to fund your next deal even if you're self-employed, 1099'd, or have a high DTI. Learn how to get unlimited money for your future deals - no matter your DTI position!

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What's The Best Foundation Type


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What are the main types of foundations? What advantages do they have? Should cracks worry me? How does the type of foundation factor in my acquisition strategy and decision?

These fundamental questions are discussed in this segment. Come discover how the type and state of a foundation may be an opportunity in disguise.
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How Do I Buy a 5-Plex and Make Sure it Cashflows?


Often times most of us don't know the key questions we need to ask the listing agent before buying a property and there can be some hidden costs associated with the property that can affect your investment.

Listen in as I answer some questions regarding buying a 5 - Plex and how to make sure it cashflows!

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Flip vs. BRRRR: Is Selling or Refinancing More Predictable?


To correctly determine the price of a subject property, appraisers compare recent sales from within a market. Ideally, appraisers find comps within a one-mile radius (in any urban or suburban neighborhood, not rural ones)

Appraisers pick at least three closed sales as comps. They can also list several active or pending listings to illustrate current market behavior, which can have a big effect on a home’s value.

When it comes to appraising your property, always do your homework to make sure the comps are an accurate representation of your property. In this webinar I share with you secrets on how to shape that narrative! Stay tuned!

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What does Cap Rate REALLY Mean?


Like any other area, Real Estate investment has its share of jargon.  And we just love bandying it about!

Watch this video where I break down and explain "Cap Rate" - one of the key terminologies in regular use by both parties in a real estate transaction. Gain clarity on your decision and be able to determine if you have a good or risky deal.

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Is Turnkey better than BRRRR?


The first milestone is making the decision to acquire a property. The next major decision is what your acquisition strategy will be.

Join me as I compare Turnkey and BRRRR acquisition strategies. As you will discover, the biggest variable in the acquisition strategy decision is YOU!

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Should I pay Contractors Upfront?


What is the appropriate balance between facilitating an efficient and beneficial approach to property rehab and protecting yourself?

In this video I discuss how the structuring of contractor payments can play a big role in determining this with emphasis on limiting your downside.

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